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    Varsamos EstateAn Engaging Summer Dream Retreat

    Our Estate Varsamos Estate

    Visitors will be fascinated to have a stroll at the countryside, throughout an area made up of four different stairs. At the last garden area, we prepared a unique outdoor space in a relaxing scenery and tranquil atmosphere, untouched by tourists. Our traditional lemon tree house serves as a resting area, where we set up a table with chairs under a shading pergola of the yard. There is also a restroom area where our guests may change or use the chemical toilet.


    The lighting of the event area, the lemon tree house, the paths, and the landscape in general is made of bioclimatic systems using photovoltaic panels.


    The whole scenery represents the passion and care that we have for our guests. This unique location as well as our exceptional set-up is a wonderful choice for enjoying the sunset over a glass of wine, gazing the rest of the islands: Milos, Kimolos and Poliegos.

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